Monday, 22 December 2014

Flash Fiction: Cold

I’d like to thank Theo Fenraven for providing today’s picture.

He stared at the snow before taking another sip of the still too hot coffee. Everything was ready for him to hit the slopes; he just needed to put on his suit. Only his head wasn’t convinced the planned excursion was a good idea.

It had taken a lot to convince him. “It’s just like falling off a horse” his friends had said. “You have to get back up or you’ll never do it again.” If he were honest, he’d admit he was good with never skiing again. Less than a year had passed since he’d fallen, broken his leg in two places and spent four hours lying in the snow before they’d found him.
He’d been happy to swap the cold for Florida. He should have stayed there. He wasn’t afraid of falling again, nor did he worry about breaking more bones. He couldn’t bear the thought of ever being as cold as he’d been while he waited again.

“Not ready yet?”

The man he’d grown to love during his months in the sun sounded amused. He repressed his scowl and turned.

“Give me a minute.” He reached for his suit and hummed a song he hadn’t heard in ages: 'The things we do for love'.


  1. I love how you got Florida in there! And yeah, if he'd lain in the snow for four hours, he'd be frozen to the marrow.

    Very nice story!

  2. Lovely! Gorgeous picture and I love the premise. Hope skiing goes better for him this time. ;)

  3. LOL Theo, I saw the snow and my first thought was Florida; go figure. I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks again for a wonderful and inspiring picture.

  4. Thank you Brigham. I'm sure he'll be fine this time around. That man he loves is sure to not let him out of his sight :)

  5. LOL, Jaycee. That's the problem with all of them; they're all plot bunnies.