Monday, 24 April 2017

Monday Flash Fics - Reunion


Oh. My. God. It’s a miracle. He’s here. I can see him … touch him.

Josh resisted the urge to pinch himself and just luxuriated in the moment. He’d dreamed about this. He’d prayed. He’d begged; made bargains with a deity he couldn’t put a name to, in the hope that the impossible might happen. And now it had.

Josh sought Preston’s lips and revelled in the long missed but not forgotten taste. How had he managed without this, without Preston? How would he go on from here?

He ground against Preston and his heart sang as soon as he felt his hard length against his own. He longed to remove the fabric between them, but he wasn’t willing to risk disturbing whatever force had brought them here … together. The heat coursing through his being, the sensual strokes of Preston’s tongue against his own, the intimacy, the illusion of belonging; rational thought didn’t stand a chance against the heady combination.

I’m so close.

It was difficult not to shout the words, but the moment was too fragile to disturb with loud noises, so he held on them, entangled them with the love that had never died and stored them away—for future reference.

Preston moved along with him, seeking his own friction and climax. Josh remembered those frowns so very well. He’d always forced himself to keep his eyes open when making love with Preston. The way he bit his lips, the soft moans and curses fleeing from his mouth on faint sighs. Josh used to live for the moments he could make Preston forget himself and his surroundings, and wanted nothing more than to be able to do so again.

Preston’s movements became erratic as he pressed closer. Josh’s own need was almost unbearable, but he held on with a strength he hadn’t known he possessed. This might never happen again. It had to be perfect.

He recognized the moment Preston’s orgasm hit him, drinking in the sight as his body tensed and subsequently became boneless. Then he was there too, but this was an orgasm unlike anything he’d experienced before. It was as if he was being turned inside out, as if all that he was—had been, could have been—every emotion he’d ever felt, the essence of his being, were all pouring out of him.

Preston’s lashes fluttered.

Josh stared down at his soul mate, willing him to open his eyes and see him.

The deep brown irises were as beautiful they’d ever been.

“That was the most wonderful dream.” Preston stretched, then pushed himself up. “If only it could have been…” He frowned at his damp crotch as soon as he stood, touching it before studying his surroundings. The hope that had momentarily lit up his face vanished to be replaced by grief.

Josh knew he was fading; the tears falling from his eyes as immaterial as he was.

So close and yet a lifetime away.


492 words

It has been a while, but it’s good to be back. More stories based on the same image can as always be found in the Monday Flash Fics group on Facebook. 


  1. Parallel worlds? A bit sad but so hopeful.

  2. A parallel world? Or an afterlife? I haven't actually made my mind up about that, but I don't see a reunion in their (immediate) future :(