Monday, 15 January 2018

Monday Flash Fics: Through the Keyhole

Through the Keyhole

This is wrong.

Not for the first time I ask myself how on earth I ended up in this, potentially very embarrassing, situation. I don’t do shit like this. I don’t peek through keyholes. I don’t spy on others.


Of course, if all of that were true, I wouldn’t be here right now, watching these two men as they engage in what has to rank among the sweetest sexual exchanges I have ever seen.

I wonder how long I’ve been crouching here. Far too long, if the pinching feeling in my lower back is anything to go by. Still, no amount of discomfort can make me take my eyes off the spectacle on the other side of the door.

I was here, shortly after I heard the door slam closed, as if one of them used the other to push it to. I’ve watched them as they kissed and undressed each other, caressing each other’s bodies with an on reference bordering amount of attention for every single inch of naked skin.

Their first kiss made me hard. By the time they’d positioned themselves on the bed, sucking each other’s cock, my arousal had turned painful. The urge to open my trousers and take myself in hand has been close to overwhelming, but I resist. I’m in a hallway. Being caught spying on them would be bad enough without me also jacking off.

“So good.” 

I’m not sure but I think it’s the darker of the two men who moans the words. They’re fucking now, slow and easy, as if they have all the time in the world. I lose myself in the arse of the one I’ve nicknamed Blondie, moving up and down as he rides both of them to the heights of ecstasy.

“Almost, Jasper. I’m almost there.” Blondie sounds breathless as his movements turn erratic.

“Yes! Ohhhh,” the one called Jasper responds inarticulately.

A few frantic moments later they climax … at the same time … as if instructed to do so.

“I’ll get something to clean us up.” The blond man’s words are muffled since his mouth is pressed to his partner’s neck. He gets up and disappears from sight, heading, I assume, to the bathroom.

I should leave now. The action has obviously reached its end and the longer I stay, the bigger the chance I’ll be caught. And yet, I can’t take my eyes off the beautiful man on the bed as he slowly trails a finger through the, probably drying, mess on his belly before putting it in his mouth and moaning softly as he sucks it clean.

I rest my head against the door, closing my eyes for a moment as the ‘if only’ scenarios rush through my mind. Next thing I know, my support disappears and find myself on my knees, staring up into the eyes of Blondie.

“Are you okay, Sir?” He tries to hide it but there’s no mistaking that expression for anything but a smirk.

“So much for you giving us a night of freedom.” The voice coming from the bed is all too obviously trying not to laugh at me.

I slowly raise myself to my feet as I ponder the truth in his words. It had seemed like a wonderful idea once I'd figured out how attracted my two subs are to each other. I figured it would be good for them to have a night of passion without me calling the shots. Everything I’ve just seen tells me it was the right decision to make. And yet…

As Blondie, also known as Pascal, drops to his knees and frees my throbbing cock from its confides before swallowing it whole, I decide to make sure this won’t be the last time I give them this freedom. Until then …

I re-establish my position as their Dom the moment I shoot my load down Pascal’s throat.   


649 words.

It has been way too long since I wrote flash fiction and I can’t begin to tell you how delighted I am to have written something this week. I fully intend to resume regular postings but … Best laid plans being what they are, whether or not I’ll succeed, remains to be seen.

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