Saturday, 23 May 2015

Coming Out Part 2: I Do

Last Monday I posted a flash fiction story titled Coming Out in which my character worried about the Irish referendum on Marriage Equality and what it would mean if the Irish voters decided no. For the first time ever I ended my flash with the words ‘to be continued’. Today I’m delighted to present my happy ending.

I Do (Coming Out Part 2)

I’ve cried all day. Tears settled in my eyes at nine o’clock this morning and every time one fell it was replaced by a new one. Tears of joy. Nobody can erase the past, but the people of Ireland, the people who could have rejected me and others who love like me, have instead shown their acceptance. From this day forward I’ll be the same as everybody else; it’s all I’ve ever wanted.

I listen to the radio. This is supposed to be a sport programme but all the rules are broken today. A man talks about his eighty-two year old granny who hadn’t voted in years but came out this time to support him. The tears are back. Happy tears.

“Are you ever gonna stop crying?” Ian’s voice is tender and he doesn’t sound much more stable than I feel at the moment.

I just shake my head and smile. The words aren’t there so I allow myself to feel and trust that he reads me well enough to hear what I’m not saying.

“Can I ask you a question?” Ian sounds shy and maybe for the first time today I tear my attention away from my computer and the radio and look at him, really look.

“Of course. You can ask me anything.” I answer.

I don’t properly understand what’s happening when he bends his legs and goes down on one knee. His beautiful blue eyes are fixed on my face as he takes a deep breath and pulls something from his pocket.

“Will you marry me, Rory?”

The tears are no longer slow or few; they flow from my eyes in a steady stream.

As I nod my head to tell Ian yes I do, bright light filters in through the window. I touch Ian’s cheek and turn his head so he can see it too.