Monday 28 March 2016

Monday Flash Fics: Blown Away

Blown Away

“Have you any idea where we are?” Pascal glanced at Jamie, sounding curious and, as always, slightly worried.

“I haven’t got a clue,” Jamie laughed. “Does it matter? I like the look of this place, and we’ll find out soon enough.”

“No, I guess not,” Pascal said. “It’s just nice to put a name to it.”

“Let’s enjoy the mystery while it lasts. We haven’t gotten lost yet, so I don’t know why we would do so today.” He studied Pascal’s face, and watched as some of the tension disappeared from the beautiful features.

“You’re right.”

“Of course I am,” Jamie grabbed Pascal’s hand and squeezed softly. “Amen’t I always?”

Pascal raised an eyebrow, more playful than upset. “Don’t know about always.” He paused. “Do you think this is alright?” He glanced down at their joined hands.

“I’ve no idea.” Jamie studied his surroundings and the people walking by them. Nobody appeared to be paying them any attention. “It looks that way though.” It had been far from okay on several occasions in the past. It was a pain having to figure out what was and wasn’t acceptable in every new place they visited.

“So, what do we do next,” Pascal asked.

“What we always do, of course.” Jamie replied. “We’ll figure out exactly where we are and await instructions. In the meantime we’ll enjoy whatever sights this place has to offer.” He paused before turning his head and looking at this companion. “By the way, what’s up with you being the only one protected from the rain?”

Pascal grinned, his beautiful face fully relaxed for the first time since they’d started their walk. “You’ve got that hat. You’re protected enough.”

“Only my hair,” Jamie huffed, but he didn’t mind. A little water never hurt anybody and besides, the rain was nearly done falling.

“How long do you think we’ll be here for?” Pascal wondered out loud. “I’ve got a feeling there are lots of sights to see here, I wouldn’t mind staying for a while.”

“Who knows?” Jamie looked at the brightening sky, the sun breaking through the clouds, while silently agreeing with his lover. It would be wonderful to be able to stay for longer than just a few hours or days.

 “You know how it works as well as I do. The storm that blew us in has passed; we’ll be here until the next one blows in, picks us up, and deposits us somewhere else.” Jamie stared at the woman walking towards them. There’s our contact. Let’s find out where we are and what we’re supposed to do here.”


I didn’t think I’d have a flash ready for today. I’m on a weekend break in London at the moment and for once, writing is not the first thing on my mind J But, the weather outside is not encouraging us to venture out, and my body needs some time to recover from all the food and drink, so I wrote one after all. I hope it wasn't too obvious that nobody proofread or spell-checked this one for me.

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Monday 21 March 2016

Monday Flash Fics: Journey's End

Journey’s End

“Are you sure you got everything?” Charles turned around and faced Vincent in time to see him tie the drawstring at the top of his bag.

“Yep,” Victor replied without looking away from his task, “I checked twice and there isn’t a trace of us or any thing—he sniggered—or body to be found.”

“I don’t know.” The turmoil in Charles’ stomach was a clear sign of his distress. “I’m just having one last looked around.” He turned on his spot, taking in every detail of the small cabin they’d shared for three months, before opening, inspecting and closing every drawer. Victor was right, apart from the two bags they would walk away with, there was nothing in this tiny space that hadn’t been there when they’d first set foot in it. Even the bed looked as if it had never been slept in. It had been bloody hard work but they’d done a great job.

Charles gaze landed on Victor and his stomach tightened as the result of a completely different emotion. He couldn’t believe they’d walk off the ship they’d called home for months in a few short minutes, make their way to the train station together, part ways, and probably never meet again.

“Are you really sure there’s no way…?” He didn’t finish the sentence. They’d had this discussion at least twice a day for the past week and no matter what he’d said, Victor’s reasons for having to part were far more rooted in reality than Charles’ need to stay together was.

“I’m sorry.” Victor’s voice was soft, his tone heavy and sad. “I wish it was different. If I could see a way for us to stay together and actually have a life, I’d never let you out of my sight again.” He turned his head and stared at the bed.

Charles didn’t look in the same direction. He couldn’t look at the place where they’d slept, where they’d come together, had found each other, and where they’d discovered a love neither of them had ever expected to experience. When a thumb brushed across his cheek he realised he’d started crying.

“Don’t!” Victor said, sounding choked. “Try thinking about it as something we have won, not something we’re losing.” He paused for a moment, and Charles watched his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed hard. “We’ll walk off this ship and you go back to your life, just as I’ll go back to mine. And we’ll always have the memories of these twelve weeks to look back on. Imagine if we hadn’t met. We could so easily have ended up with different cabin partners.” Victor’s eyes glistened. “Ending it now is horrid. Not having had the experience—not knowing you the way I do—would have been worse.”

Charles nodded. Victor was right. They had no other choice. Look at what they’d already had to do.

The disembark whistle blew and without a word they both picked up their bags and swung them over a shoulder.

“Shit” It weighs a bloody ton.” Charles grumbled.

“What did you expect?” Victor sneered, but Charles saw him fighting to keep his balance too.

“Remember, we’re supposed to be happy we’ve reached the end of the journey.” Victor reminded him.

Charles didn’t know how he managed it but by the time they were on terra firma again they were chatting, smiling and laughing as if today was the best day of their lives. Ten minutes later they entered the train station, found a deserted corner and dropped their bags. They inspected each other’s shoulders, making sure their striped shirts were still clean before giving the two bags a last, hard, stare.

“I do feel bad.” Charles said.

“Me too. But what else could we do?” Anger crept into Victor’s voice. “The fool should never have barged into our room without knocking first. He couldn’t be trusted to keep our secret and now he’ll never be able to share it.”


661 words.

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Monday 14 March 2016

Monday Flash Fics: A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down

How the fuck did I end up here?

The metal of the railing dug into my hands while I hung on for dear life and silently cursed the events that had led to me hanging, suspended in the air, several metres above street level.

Truth be told, I knew exactly what had happened. And while it would have been easy to blame others, ultimately my own foolish behaviour had caused the mess I found myself in. Just as it had been my decision to say yes to the suggested solution. And I’d gotten away with it four times before now.

I could hear someone walking inside the apartment and hoped against hope they wouldn’t notice the open balcony door or, if they did, would think they’d left it open themselves. If they walked out and saw me I’d be fucked. Scrap that. I was fucked either way. It was too far to jump down and I couldn’t climb back up as long as they were inside. My arms growing more tired by the minute were a clear indication hanging on wouldn’t be an option for much longer either.

None of this would have happened if my parents hadn’t cut off my funding six months ago. Overnight I’d gone from having more money than I really needed, to having none. It had been so easy to borrow funds from others. They all knew me as the rich kid so it didn’t occur to them to say no. Until I’d failed to pay them back on time. Who knew it would be so hard to find a job, any job?

I’d known I was in serious trouble the moment the six guys I owed money to cornered me together. I couldn’t blame them for being fed up and hadn’t been surprised they were done being nice. When I told them I had no money and no way to get my hands on any either, they’d offered me what they called ‘a solution’.

And that’s how I started my career as a burglar and thief. The first four places they told me to rob had been surprisingly easy to get into. I’d stolen what I could find and carry, before handing it over to cover my debts. This was supposed to have been the last time.

I almost laughed out loud, despite the situation I found myself in. Clearly this would have to be the very last time. I’d either be caught or break my legs trying to get away.

I watched with dread pooling in my tummy as the door was pushed open from the inside. I looked down at the ground below me, contemplating my chances of safely making the jump for the umpteenth time, before glancing up and staring straight into his eyes.

“You bastard?” He growled at me, anger flashing in his eyes and a frown marking his handsome features. “What the fuck’s wrong with you?”

How had I not known this was his apartment? Here was the reason my parents had cut me off in the first place—the reason I’d felt the need to come out—examining me from the safety of his balcony.

I watched helplessly as he balled his hand into a fist. “Give me one good reason not to push you down.”

I grabbed his fist before it hit me and looked up at him. I imagined I saw pain underneath his anger. “Because I’m in love with you.”

I closed my eyes, pressed my lips hard against his hand, and waited.


588 words

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Monday 7 March 2016

Monday Flash Fics: Control


I put the collar around my neck and secured it. No lock of course. Only a Master would have a lock and key to keep me collared. And for obvious reasons, I didn’t have someone to submit to.

I stared at myself in the mirror and grimaced. Yes, I still had it. All those hours in the gym really did pay off. I knew the tattoos gave me an edgy appearance. That’s why I’d gotten them in the first place. I refused to be a stereotype. Of course the source of my pride was also the reason I found myself on my own more often than not. But, I was confident I wouldn’t be alone tonight. And who knew what would happen afterwards.

An hour later in the club, I knelt in line with the other subs. All of us looked more or less the same—naked with a collar around our necks—and yet, we couldn’t have been more different if we tried. Waiting patiently to find out if my plan would work proved to be the hardest part. I couldn’t influence what would happen next; to try and force proceedings would have broken the spell. I kept my gaze fixed on the floor in front of me while polished shoes and leather boots walked past. Without turning my head I was aware of others being picked from the line. I didn’t need to look to know who those firsts were; as always it was those who lived up to the more stereotypical image of a submissive.

I had all but given up hope—again— when a tap on my shoulder made me raise my gaze. I had to work hard to suppress my grin. So far my plan was working out just fine.

“Up.” He spat out the word and I stood up in one smooth move.

He attached the chain to my collar and used it to pull me close. “I’ve been watching you.” He murmured the words, making sure only I could hear them.

“I’m honoured,” I replied while making sure to keep my gaze lowered. I had no intention of letting him know the delight I felt. When he pulled me closer I realised my efforts had been in vain. Keeping my features smooth was one thing, there was nothing I could do to hide my excitement as it pressed forcefully into his, equally affected, groin.

“Public or private?” My heart soared when he asked the question. I hadn’t misjudged him—he really did get me.

“Private, of course.” I allowed myself to look at his face and no longer tried to hide my smirk.

“Of course,” he acknowledged. “And when I’m done with you, you’ll explain to me exactly what’s going on with you.”

I rested my forehead against his for a moment, cherishing the relief as it flooded through me.

Owning and running a BDSM club as a sub had been harder than I could have imagined.Only the most confident of Doms were able to deal with a sub who was also the boss. I had high hopes for this one.


517 words

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