Tuesday 26 January 2016

A Happy Birthday Give-away

Happy Birthday to Me

As the title of this post suggests, today is my birthday. To be precise, I’m turning fifty-three today. I stopped paying real attention to my birthdays some years ago. After all, age is just a number and the older I get the more I feel my mental age is falling ever further behind the numerical reality.

This particular birthday is different though for two, strongly related, reasons.

My mother was fifty-three years young when she unexpectedly died. To put it in very blunt terms; if I live another five months I’ll be older than she ever got to be. This idea is both scary and devastatingly sad. I don’t think I truly knew how young fifty-three actually is until I reached the age myself.

This year also marks the moment in time when I will have had as many years with my mother as I’ve had without her. It is strange to think that from this year forward I will have lived ever more years without her love and support.

So yeah, this particular birthday is not as easy and festive as others have been and future birthdays will hopefully be. Having said that, my mother would be the first to tell me not to dwell on the negatives but to embrace the positives instead. With that in mind I’ve decided to turn today into a celebration.

As you may know, I am Dutch and in the Netherlands we have this wonderful tradition where people give a special treat to others on their birthday. This usually takes the form of cake or something edible along those lines. Since it is not possible to share sweet treats over the internet I’ve decided to do something else.

A few days ago I received my author paperback copies of Scenes from Adelaide Road from Pride Publishing. To celebrate my birthday I will be gifting one signed copy away. In order to win it, all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post below. I’m happy to send the book to wherever the winner happens to live, so location won’t be an issue. Please leave a way for me to contact you with your comment. I’ll be picking a random winner on Sunday, January 31st.

Good luck and Happy Birthday to Me! 

Monday 18 January 2016

Monday Flash Fics: Waiting


I can’t do this much longer. The muscles in my neck are starting to cramp and a headache threatens the middle of my forehead. I want to check the time and see how much longer I’ll have to endure this torture, but refrain from doing so. It would mean breaking the promise I made and besides, I set the alarm; when my hour is up the song will play.

This afternoon I laid myself down for the fifty-second time. Once a week, always on Wednesday and always at twenty-seven past two without fail, because I gave my word. Maybe I should have been more careful when I made my promise. Maybe I should have put a time limit on it. I could have told him I’d wait for a month, or six months. A year, or five years. But I didn’t. I only told him I would wait.

And he—Ralph—he promised he’d be back. He didn’t know when, but he was absolutely certain he’d return. Two days later, he was gone.

I believed him, a part of me still does. Or maybe a part of me indulges in wishful thinking. I don’t know anymore. A year is a long time when you’re waiting.

A soft breeze stirs the curtains, surprising me. I must be getting lightheaded because I’m convinced the warm air caresses my eyelashes, inviting me to close my eyes. The strain on my neck lessens while I accept the invitation and shut the daylight out.

I must be dreaming, which is funny because I’ve never experienced a lucid dream before. I’ve got no other explanation for the fact that two separate streams of air appear to be tenderly stroking my chest and shoulders. The touch is like nothing I’ve felt before and yet so familiar.

The gentle breezes tease my nipples and they stiffen. I swear the air is cooler now than it was only seconds ago and I arch my back, trying to get closer. It is almost as if I’m being played with; warm alternates with cool and together they awaken a desire in me I haven’t experienced in a year. I imagine I hear a dry chuckle, that I smell those familiar earthy aromas, and my body awakens.

The two shafts of air become one. It travels down my body, teasing my belly-button on the way, until….Oh sweet Jesus! It shouldn’t be possible for nothing more substantial than wind to give me a handjob and yet that’s the only way I can describe what is happening. And it’s exactly as it used to be.

I can feel my orgasm gathering; I buck my hips as my muscles tighten and my balls draw up. When the song starts I smile through my groans. No power on earth could make me open my eyes or stop now. It’s like the song says:

“I’m loving angels instead….”


482 words.

Here’s a link to the song by Robbie Williams I mention above: Angels. I adore that song. It has seen me through some hard times and it is my go-to tune when I need cheering up or encouragement. I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

As always more flashes based on the same photo can be found in the Monday Flash Fics Group on Facebook. And remember, if you have an image you would like us to use for one of our stories, or if you feel like joining our weekly writing exercise, just join the group. We’re an easy going bunch with a healthy disregard for rules; it’s all about having fun together.

Thursday 14 January 2016

Call out to all Readers: Outhouse Book Drive

Call out to all Readers: Outhouse Book Drive

Just over a month ago I invited authors to join me in a book drive for Outhouse in Dublin; you can read all about my idea and the centre here: Outhouse Book Drive.

From the moment I launched the idea the amazing people at Dreamspinner Press have been supporting the initiative; sharing posts and making it possible for authors to donate copies of their books through the publisher, who offered to take care of the shipping costs.

Now the wonderful Dreamspinner Crew has gone one step further and is offering readers the opportunity to join in. From January 14th until January 17th readers who want to make a donation can purchase copies of their favourite titles at a 50% discount. Dreamspinner will, once again, look after shipping the books to Dublin.

If you are interested in participating you can go to the Dreamspinner website and, using the promo code ‘Library50’, buy one or more copies of your favourite titles and thus help expand the beautiful Outhouse library.

I’m slightly overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the support I have received from readers, authors and Dreamspinner Press so far, and very excited about making the donation in the not too distant future.

I will of course keep everybody up to date about developments in future blog posts. Thank you so much for your help.

Monday 11 January 2016

Monday Flash Fics: Surprise


I watch him as he stops walking about ten metres away from the derelict cottage. He’s can’t see me and has no idea he’s not alone—and won’t know any different until it’s too late. He mutters something to himself but I’m too far away to hear the words and his face is expressionless. These are the times when I wish I could read minds.

When he enters the building I silently count to ten before leaving my hiding place and following him, careful not to make a sound. I pause for a moment before entering, my heart thundering in my chest. This is the crucial moment. If he’s facing the door it all ends.

Holding my breath I peek around the corner to find him with his back to me, apparently staring at the fire place, the only feature in the room worth looking at with its rough stone surround and blackened iron grate. I stay silent, suppressing the desire to cheer out loud. He’s standing exactly where I want him to be. I soundlessly approach him from behind, pulling an item from the hold-all I’m carrying as I go. When I’m right behind him I lift my hand and push the black cotton sack over his head in one swift move, pulling the cords tight and tying them before he has a chance to react.

“What the fuck? Who’s there?” He tries to raise his arms but he’s too slow. Now there’s no reason to be quiet anymore I move faster. I drop my bag before grabbing his wrists while pushing him forward until his chest rests on the surprisingly solid table in front of him. Before he has a chance to start struggling, I’ve secured first one and then both hands to the cuffs I tied to the table’s legs earlier.

“Stop it! This isn’t fun.” He pulls at the cuffs, testing their strength. “Let me go.” The anger in his voice is laced with fear and my cock hardens in my pants just from hearing it.

Speed is of the essence now and I kneel down behind him, pulling his tracksuit bottoms down as I go. A jockstrap! How lucky can a man get? I push one of his feet towards the side and secure his ankle with the strap I attached to the table leg long before he arrived.

“No! You can’t. Stop it! Who are you? Why are you doing this?” He’s shouting now, most of the fury gone from his voice while the fear has gotten stronger. I’d thought about bringing a gag too but decided against it. I would have had to use it before taking his sight away and I couldn’t risk having him see me. While I listen to his fear-laced words I pull his free foot out of his trousers before tying that leg to the table too. Less than five minutes have passed and he’s at my mercy. Months of planning, searching, and preparation have come together perfectly.

“Say something, please.”

I stand up and open my trousers, releasing my throbbing dick from its tight confines. I play with the idea of just pushing into him as I am, but think better of it and pull the tube of lube from my bag.

“Please! Nooooo!” Lust courses through my veins at the desperation in his voice as I slowly push myself into his tight hole, only to withdraw again instantly and do it all over again. He falls silent and in the back of my mind I wonder whether he’s surrendered. Then all thoughts leave me as I give in to the desire and take him with as much force as I can. My hands on his shoulders push him hard against the table while I realise I won’t last long. It seems I’ve only started my assault when my orgasm races through me. My arms lose the power to hold me up and I collapse onto his back.

“You bastard.” All anger and fear have disappeared from his voice, leaving only breathlessness.

I reach between his thighs until my hand encounters the sticky front of his jockstrap. “When did you know?” I ask.

“As soon as you entered me.” He chuckles softly. “I’d recognise that cock anywhere.”


710 words

This story was rather risqué for me and I’m not entirely sure where it came from. What I do know is that it has left me with a plot bunny which may well prove impossible to ignore. There is a good chance this one will, indeed, be continued J

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