Wednesday 21 December 2022

The Rainbow Advent Calendar - Yule Be Back


It’s the time of year for candles, fairy lights, mistletoe, and Advent calendars.

These days we are spoiled for choice when it comes to advent calendars, but my favourite is the Rainbow Advent Calendar.

The Rainbow Advent Calendar as invented and managed by the amazing Alex Jane, is an annual event where a large group of LGBTQ+ writers share a new and FREE story. This year there are two windows to open—or, two new FREE reads to discover—most days. If you haven’t taken part so far, you can check out the Facebook group or go to the masterlist, where you can find links for all the posts so far – and those still to come. 

The first door to open today revealed… Yours truly!

What do I have for you?


A never before published story that was long enough to turn it into an e-book you can download from Prolific Works. There’s no requirement to sign up for a newsletter or anything else, so…help yourself.

Download link:

Yule Be Back

Two decades after we first met, will the connection still be there? 

Twenty-three years ago, I visited a local Christmas market and met the man of my dreams.

We clicked from the moment we met and spent three magical weeks together.

When my job took me away, I lost Killian and any future the two of us might have had.

Now I’m back.

I wonder if Killian is still in town. If he still runs his market stall. If he’s still as attractive as he was then.

And if he is, will he remember me?


Does that sound like something you might like? Get your e-book here:


I wish you a wonderful time over the holiday period and send the very best wishes for an awesome New Year.

Happy Reading!