Monday 27 June 2016

Monday Flash Fics: A Tide of Change

A Tide of Change

“The boat is back.” The words moved from mouth to mouth through our settlement. “Did you hear? The little rower is back in the tree, just as it was the last time.”

I allowed the words to wash over me, while trying to make my excitement match that of those surrounding me. Appearing curious and intrigued would be good, but I couldn’t allow them to see how delighted its return made me.

Most of us spent that day watching the vessel in the tree. Just like the last time it had appeared, exactly a year ago, people wondered where it had come from and how it had ended up in the branches. The ground was dry so the only thing we knew for sure was that it hadn’t been a tidal wave stranding the boat there. And while my knowledge about the vessel and its owner—I had to fight hard to repress a shudder every time I thought about him—exceeded that of my neighbours, I had no real answer for those questions either.

Day turned to twilight before darkness descended, the boat turning into a barely visible silhouette in the pale moonlight but nobody returned home. A year earlier the boat had arrived one day only to have disappeared the next morning. This year people were determined to stick around and find how it would dislodge itself and where it would go. Their presence worried me.

A fragrance moved on the soft evening breeze, something barely perceptible yet heady and alluring. Excited speculation became interspersed with yawns and people dozed off around me. Within minutes I was the only person left awake, excitement coursing through my veins while I waited.

“Have you decided?” His voice came from behind me and was exactly as I remembered it; deep and seductive. A shiver ran down my spine and the hairs on my arms stood to attention but I didn’t turn around.

“Yes,” I replied while still looking towards the tree-bound rowing boat. “This time I’m coming.”

I’d tried to forget the night we’d spent together a year ago. I’d done what I could to purge him from my mind, but like a virus he’d inserted himself in my body; always present and conjuring up his voice, touch and embrace in my memories without warning, at the most inconvenient times.

“Get in the boat then.” He’s still behind me, where I can’t see him but he’s clear as day in my mind’s eye. Slim, tall, with long flowing white hair, he mesmerised me a year ago. I would have gone with him then, but he told me I had to be sure, that the decision would be irreversible. I wasn’t sure what he meant then, and I still didn’t know how to interpret his words but the question had become meaningless. I would go anywhere with him.

He wrapped his arms around me as soon as I sat down on one of the narrow planks in the boat. I knew without a shadow of a doubt he hadn’t walked past me, but my mind refused to worry about how he’d gotten there before me, too busy watching in wonder as a giant wave reached out for the boat and carried us away from the island without a drop of water touching the ground.

I relaxed into his body as the water carried us away from the only life I’d ever known. His lips touched the sensitive flesh on my neck and those few inches of skin became my sole focus.

“You’ve chosen me,” he said; his voice a hypnotic mixture of awe and possessiveness.

“Forever,” I replied not sure why I’d chosen that word but certain it was the right answer.

“You’ve no idea how right you are.” His words were the last thing I heard before teeth replaced his lips and bit down hard, changing me and my destiny irrevocably.


650 words.

I think I may have outdone myself when it comes to weird this week but hopefully this flash will leave you intrigued, if nothing else.

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Monday 6 June 2016

Monday Flash Fics: Solitude


I followed him onto the coach, staying close while trying not to intrude. Just as I’d kept a safe distance while he waited for the bus to pull up. I wanted to go where he went, but I tried not to spook him in the process. He seemed tense and distracted.

I contemplated taking the seat next to him before rejecting the idea as too stalkerish and slipped into the seat across the aisle from his. Would he have noticed if I’d sat down next to him? As I looked at him I couldn’t escape the feeling he’d closed himself off from his surroundings, choosing to concentrate on the world outside instead.

I wondered about what might be going on in his head. What were his thoughts? Why did he hug himself like that? The way he’d turned his body towards the window suggested he wouldn’t welcome interaction from anyone.

To have him so close and yet so far away ate at me. He’d been my world—my everything—for the past ten months. My last thought before I fell asleep was for him and the first image in my head after waking up in the morning was always his. Apart from one confused glance while we waited at the bus stop, he hadn’t acknowledged me.

I might as well not be here. The thought screamed in my head

When he rubbed his eyes before sniffling loudly my heart skipped a beat. Something was wrong. I had to do something. Suddenly keeping my distance, being smart and inconspicuous didn’t matter anymore. Fuck the consequences. I got up, crossed the aisle and set down next to him. I only hesitated for a few moments before lightly gripping his upper arm and squeezing.

“What’s wrong?” I held my breath as soon as the words left my mouth. What would he do?

He turned to me with an apologetic smile on his face, his eyes red-rimmed and glassy. A cold sweat erupted across my brow. I’d been right. Something was seriously wrong.

“I’m so…” He sneezed loudly, caught his breath and sneezed again. After the fourth time I stopped counting and settled back to wait him out.

“I’m really sorry,” he picked up my hand and squeezed it. “I always turn into a solitary bastard just before my hay fever kicks off.” He tilted his head, “Forgive me?”


394 words

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