Monday, 22 June 2015

Monday Flash Fic: Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

“I’m telling you, it is totally safe.”

Carlos stares at me from behind his camera. “No, this is too much Danny. I know I said we needed something spectacular if these pictures are going to raise the money we need, but this is ridiculous. Will you at least tape his jaws shut. You’re naked. I mean...” All colour leaves his face and I have no problem imagining the scenarios going through Carlos’s mind. “Dude, put the animal back wherever you got it from. We’ll think of something else.”

I look away from the alligator for a moment and smile at Carlos. Having him worried about my safety is a nice feeling, even if it is completely unnecessary. Of course, he doesn’t know that.

“I mean it.” Carlos turns and bends before taking something I can’t identify from his bag. When he’s facing me again I stare at the role of gaffer tape in his hand. “Just secure that mouth. I can always photoshop the bindings out again.”

The creature trapped between my legs stirs for the first time since we assumed our position as if he understands what Carlos is saying and has objections of his own. The sensation of his rubbery skin against my cock and balls sends blood rushing to the area. Gratitude that his reptilian body obscures my private parts from view fills me. I wouldn’t know how to begin explaining why I’m hot and excited right now. Not to Carlos anyway.

“No tape, Carlos.” I hear the impatience creeping into my voice and it doesn’t escape Carlos either. “Just take those pictures. I know what I’m doing. The sooner you take them, the sooner this will be over and you can stop worrying about nothing.”

Carlos shrugs. “Your funeral.” He mutters the words under his breath but loud enough for me to hear them. The reptile I’m holding stirs again, igniting more heat in my body, and I think I see a flash of humour in his eyes.

Five minutes later Carlos has all the images he needs.

“Want a hand with that animal?”

“No.” I smile at Carlos. “I’m fine. He’s used to me. Being handled by you may just make him nervous.”

Carlos nods, relief clear on his face, which makes me all the more impressed and pleased he made the offer in the first place. It’s a completely unnecessary gesture of course, but Carlos has no way of knowing that.

As soon as Carlos closes the door behind him my reptile turns in my now relaxed arms and for what must be the hundredth time I watch in wonder as the creature transforms into the beautiful man who’s been calling me his mate for the past four months. When his mouth meets mine and our loins connect I know I’m not the only one affected by this photo shoot.

I smile. The only danger I was ever in was having to explain why I’d come all over a dangerous predator.


497 words

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  1. Yep. Loved it, regardless, but you definitely got me at the end!

    1. That makes me rather happy because I thought it was a rather predictable 'surprise' ending :)

  2. Loved it! The twist was perfect.

    1. Thank you. We were clearly thinking along the same lines even if I kept my shift until the end :)