Monday, 5 October 2015

Monday Flash Fics: Auction


Jasper kept his head bowed and his eyes firmly fixed on the floor in front of him. Even if it hadn’t been the expected position, even if the coils circling his head weren’t forcing him to be passive and compliant, he wouldn’t have moved or looked around. How the fuck did I end up here?

“Gentlemen, feast your eyes on our next item.”

Item. Anger surged through Jasper. He was no fucking item. He was a man, exactly the same as any other man here. Except that he was naked, on stage and for sale, while the others were buyers. This was wrong. It should never have happened this way. He hadn’t signed up for any of this.

“This is your lucky night, valued customers. This specimen is a novice to our stage and trade. However, as the blue colour indicates, our object does have years of experience serving a Master.”
The audience didn’t hear the words the voice mumbled—“even if he is an insufferable brat”, before the sales pitch continued at the normal volume. “This is a fantastic opportunity if you’re in need of a subject ready to supply you with all you desire from the start.”

Jasper listened to the words, spoken by a voice he used to love. Until a few days ago he’d spent his days and nights with the man detailing his ‘virtues’ now. He’d trusted the words that used to come out of that mouth. Now he knew better, but now it was too late.

Suddenly being a passive victim wasn’t good enough anymore. Jasper tried to lift his head so he could glare at the audience about to bid on him. As soon as he raised his chin an inch, a searing pain shot through his head and down his spine. To Jasper’s shock it resulted in his cock filling with blood. There was nothing he could do except stare in horror at his dick, proudly pointing at the watching men who broke into applause and laughed out loud.

“That’s it gentlemen,” the torturous voice continued, place your bids now.”

Jasper didn’t need to be able to see the audience, to imagine anybody with an interest in buying him entering an amount on the little pad they’d been given. Not too long ago it had been his job to escort other young men onto the stage and, after the bidding was over, to the little cell where they’d wait for their new owner.

“Thank you, gentlemen. The bidding has now closed.” The voice paused before addressing someone to the side in a much softer tone. “Take him away and bring the next one.”

Once he’d been brought to one of the little waiting cells, the coils were removed and replaced with a blindfold while Jasper’s hands were cuffed behind his back.

Fear knotted his stomach while he waited. He knew how it worked. He’d lost whatever rights he used to have. His buyer’s will would be law. They’d replace the coils if he disobeyed. Time passed, although Jasper had no idea how much of it. The silence surrounding him was complete, like a wall closing in on him.

The sound of a door opening almost shocked him into raising his head but he resisted the urge, too afraid of having the coils reapplied. Footsteps came closer and Jasper had to concentrate on keeping his breathing under control.

Hands stroked his body and pinched his nipples. Lust mingled with fear and Jasper’s cock, which had shrunk only minutes ago, reasserted itself. A few firm strokes later, Jasper found himself gasping and torn between shame and need.

“Let that be a warning.”

The all too familiar voice shocked Jasper to the core.

“I’m not giving up on you yet. But the next time you break my rules….”

The voice left the sentence unfinished but Jasper had heard enough and sighed with relief before answering.

“Yes, Master.”


652 words

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