Monday, 12 September 2016

Monday Flash Fics - Sonny



Trevor cursed under his breath and counted his herd for the third time in five minutes. For third time he counted only twelve of them.


He’d only owned the animals for a few weeks and already he’d managed to lose one? 

Giving up on checking the numbers, he studied the individual animals, trying to determine which one was missing.

Sonny. Of course it was Sonny. After all, had the man who’d sold him the herd not warned him about that particular animal? Two weeks after the deal had been done, he could still hear the seller’s words clearly in his head.

“Don’t allow those large brown eyes and the way he appears to enjoy being petted fool you. That’s one devious bull. The others are fine and docile but I swear, if I didn’t know any better I’d say this one is possessed by some dark force.”

Trevor had laughed at the words, thinking them a joke, until he’d noticed the man was deadly serious.

And now the creature had disappeared. How that could have happened remained a mystery. Trevor had circled the whole enclosure and the fence was intact. Since bison weren’t known for their climbing skills, he’d no idea how Sonny could have gotten away.

The man had also said there shouldn’t be any problems provided the animals were kept well away from psychoactive substances. Despite the fact that Trevor had no idea why anybody would want to feed those to animals, or even why the idea would occur to a person, he’d put up the signs the man had given him when he delivered the animals. Suddenly he wished he’d asked what those drugs might do.

For the second time on his rounds he reached the storage stable, which he already knew to be empty of bison. He might as well give up. Wherever the cursed creature was, he clearly didn’t want to be found. He turned towards the entrance gate to the enclosure, ready to leave, when he heard a rustling sound from inside the ramshackle building.

What the fuck?

He’d checked the stable; he knew there was no bison hiding in there.

Another soft sound, suspiciously resembling laughter, reached his ear. With his heart beating a fast and loud rhythm in his chest, Trevor entered the stable, stopping on the threshold to allow his eyes to adjust to the darkness.

“You clearly weren’t thinking.”

The deep voice appeared to come out of nowhere. Trevor peered into the darkness, trying to figure out who it belonged to while simultaneously trying to decide whether he should stay or flee.

“When he told you no psychoactive substances he meant all mind altering drugs. Did you have a look at the mushrooms in this field?”

Trevor felt as if his mind had short-circuited as a tall, broad shouldered, and naked man appeared from the shadows. He took in the long, flowing brown hair, nearly drowned in the huge deep brown eyes, and sighed. He didn’t understand any of it and couldn’t quite believe his conclusion either, but he knew who he was looking at.



520 words

It’s good to be back to writing flash fics. I hope you enjoyed this one. More stories based on the same image can be found in the Monday Flash Fics Group on Facebook. Check them out and enjoy!