Monday 26 January 2015

Flash Fiction: My Man

My Man

I take a moment to stare at him. His beauty still takes my breath away, just as his playfulness makes me smile. Trust Craig to strip naked in the barn and not worry about who might walk in. Sure, he’s covered the vital parts, but he’s left little enough to the imagination. I can’t stop looking at him. My mind buzzes with images of my hands exploring his skin, feeling his muscles flex and his nipples harden. I know exactly what I’ll find under the strategically placed straw and have no doubt it will once again make my heart stutter and my mind and body fly.

Voices outside tear me out of my thoughts and back into reality and I turn around to slide the large door closed. I don’t want the truth to come out like this. I don’t know how others will react to our coming together. It’s almost time to share our secret, but this is not the moment.

“I want you Jordan.”

His voice is deep and husky. I love my ability to do that to Craig. Even fully dressed I stir this need in him, just as his presence never fails to arouse me. I turn around and open the top button on my shirt. His gaze is fixed on my hand as I slowly undo one button after the other until I shrug the shirt off and stand before him bare-chested.

“Stop teasing. Come to me. I need to be inside you.”

I love the desire in his voice as much as the fact that it’s the result of the sight of  me.
I run my hands over my chest until my nipples peak as his breathing becomes laboured. I keep it up until he’s almost out of patience and his flexing muscles tell he’s about to get up and claim me. Only then do I unbutton my trousers. I turn my back on him before lowering them. Craig sucks in his breath when as he realises I’ve gone commando for him.

My boots prevent me from kicking my trousers off and I take my time removing them, allowing him to enjoy the view I know he loves. When I’m naked I turn around again and resume stroking my hands over my body.

“Get rid of the straw.” The heat is audible in my voice as well now.

I walk towards him as he clears his groin. He hasn’t touched me with anything but his gaze and yet my body is ready to receive him. I climb on the straw and lower myself onto his straining cock, taking him in with one slow move.

I bend forward and kiss him before whispering, “Tonight we’ll tell them about the stable hand who seduced the ranch owner’s daughter.”


I hope you enjoyed this week's Flash. This week's picture was selected by the wonderful Brigham Vaughn. Don't forget to visit her blog to find out what this picture inspired Brigham to write. We'll be back next week with another flash.


  1. Ooooh, loved it. And I love the fact that it was so ambiguous until the end :D

    1. Thank you. I knew I was going to do that as soon as I saw the picture.

  2. Ah! Good job, I didn't expect the ending! Although the straw makes me itch. :)

    1. I'm not sure what it is about this picture but I knew how my story would end the moment I first saw him. I'm glad you liked it.

  3. I guess I can quit screaming, "Lube!" ;o)

    1. BWAHAHAHAHA I had a feeling I readers might feel like that :)