Wednesday 9 December 2015

Call Out to All Authors: Outhouse Book Drive

Outhouse Book Drive

While visiting Dublin yesterday I decided to at last do something I’d wanted to do for months; visit The Outhouse, a Community and Resource centre for LGBT people, their families and friends in Dublin’s city centre. The Outhouse offers a wide range of services—have a look at their website here—but I was particularly interested in their library. (Well, I would be, wouldn’t I? Occupational hazard and such.)

The images of the library show a comfortable room, filled with books. I could imagine myself happily spending hours there, reading in one of the comfy chairs. However, what I didn’t find on those shelves, were any LGBTQ titles like those we write. And the thing is, as far as I know there is no bookshop or library in Dublin (or Ireland) where those books can be found.

I stood in the middle of that room, looking around and imagined how wonderful it would be if there was a shelf or bookcase filled with books by the authors I’ve come to love.

So I came up with this rather ambitious idea for a book drive. But I need help to make it happen. I would like to ask all authors writing LGBTQ books to send (a) paperback(s) to me. I’ll collect all the books and then bring them to The Outhouse at a future date. Right now I’m looking at January 26th, which would give me the time to get this organised and would allow for books to reach me without getting caught up in the postal madness over the Christmas season. That date also happens to be my birthday, and it is a good Dutch tradition to give to others on that occasion.

This is a general call out. The Outhouse operates as a lending library, therefore books for all ages and all tastes would be welcome. In fact, I would do a happy dance if one or more Young Adult authors were willing to participate. The one shelf of titles aimed at that age group did disappoint me, especially since I firmly believe teenagers benefit most from being able to read about people and situations they recognise.

Please contact me if you would be interested in participating. My email address is or you can send me a PM on Facebook. If we all work together we’ll be able to transform this library and turn a wonderful space into a small piece of heaven.