Monday, 22 May 2017

Monday Flash Fics: Rainbows


“And go”.

Big G pushed out his arm, unclenching his fist at the same time. A stream of bright light burst from the dark clouds, hit the ground, and bounced back up again. “They deserve a reward,” he said.

Little g watched in awe as Big G unleashed his power and bathed the tiny green island in explosion after explosion of vivid rainbows. Fields, mountains, and cities lit up, the colours in the sky matching those worn by many of those out and about.

“Do you think they understand?”

Big G sighed. “I’m not sure, little one. Some will see and recognise it for what it is: our vote of approval. Others will just put it down to a happy coincidence, and unfortunately, there will be plenty who will barely notice the beauty, never mind consider the message.

“Then why can’t we be more specific?” Little g asked the same question he’d been asking almost every single day ever since they’d been created. “If they knew for sure that we’re here, watching and waiting, if we told them what we expect from them, surely they’d be likely to comply?”

Big G grimaced. “And prove once and for all that we’re real? Look at the damage all their organised religions are doing. And that’s without them knowing for sure whether or not we exist.” His usually jovial face suddenly looked pinched; the corners of his mouth turned down and tears gleaming in his eyes. “Until we can trust them to not abuse the existence of an otherworldly power we need to stay hidden and bide our time. As much as I would like to lessen their burden, take away the pain and suffering, they’ll have to earn it first.” His voice grew louder and for a moment little g worried he might set of a ferocious thunderstorm. “Unless the majority of these humans show us they know how to be tolerant and treat each other with respect and honour, they don’t deserve our support.”

“These people did.” Little g nodded in the direction of the small landmass beneath them. “And they’re not the first. Surely that means they’re getting there?”

“You’ve obviously not been paying attention.” Big G slipped into teacher mode automatically. “Or you only see what you want to see. It is, as it has always been, two steps forward and one step back. Every positive development is followed by a backlash from those who feel threatened by good happening to others.” The sadness in his voice was heartbreaking. “I’m still waiting for the day when they all work together for the betterment of everybody.”

“Do you think they’ll ever reach that point?” Little g asked the question, dreading the answer as much as he needed to hear it.

Big G sighed. “God only knows.”


476 words
So yes, I’m a bit whimsical this week. I couldn’t help myself. But on the day that Ireland celebrates the second anniversary of the day we got to vote for Marriage Equality, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to both commemorate that occasion and reflect on the fact that we still have an awful lot to do before the whole world will be a more equal place. 

As always, more stories based on this image can be found in the Monday Flash Fics Facebook group. I do hope you’ll go and check them out.

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