Monday, 1 May 2017

Monday Flash Fics - To the Rescue

To the Rescue

His job was done. He studied the chaos he’d created and wondered if it would be good enough. If he’d failed — again — he would be without a job, and would thus lose one of only two things that mattered to him. Provided of course he didn’t lose the other item of importance too.

A sharp whistle had him raise his head and squint into the distance. His breath faltered, as it always did in moments like this. It really wasn’t fair to think of Corey as a thing, or an item, but sometimes it was easier that way. The connection was so very fragile; if he gave it or Corey too much significance he’d open himself up for a universe filled with pain.

Very slowly, as if he had to persuade his feet to take each subsequent step, he walked to where Corey waited for him with a small smile tugging at his lips as he shook his head.

“What has gotten into you this time, Magnus?”

He stopped walking a few feet away from Corey and turned to face the endless seeming sea of footwear scattered across the avenue.

“I’d hoped it was self-explanatory.” He didn’t turn back to face Corey again, unwilling to meet the disappointment and disapproval he knew he’d find written all over his features.

Shock coursed through him, when Corey wrapped his arms around Magnus’ middle and pulled him close. “Explain it to me.” The words were barely a whisper, breathed into his ear more than spoken.

“My orders were to create an installation that would make an indelible impression. To give them a message they wouldn’t be able to ignore.”

Corey chuckled. “I know. I gave you those instructions, remember?”

Magnus shuddered. He remembered only too well. Just as everything else Corey had said only a week ago was etched on his memory. ‘Don’t fuck this up. This really is your last shot and you have no idea how hard I’ve had to bargain to get you one more chance.’

“I took two days to study their history. Even if most of those alive now weren’t around the last time images of abandoned shoes shocked the world, there aren’t many who haven’t seen them, who don’t know what they refer to.”

“And what’s that?” Corey asked.

“Total destruction. Annihilation.” For a moment Magnus forgot all about his own precarious situation as anger coursed through him. “You have no idea what these creatures are capable off. I’m not sure they deserve rescuing.”

“That’s not up to us.” Corey’s voice was soft and so were the lips caressing Magnus’ cheek for an all too brief moment. “But, for what it’s worth, I think you’re right. Both about what you’ve done here and in your judgement of the people on this planet. If they don’t’ get the message now, they’re not worth saving.”

Surprised, Marcus turned around, only for the emotion to turn into shock when he saw the fire glowing in Corey’s beautiful deep purple eyes.

“Come. We have to go.” Corey took his hand and led the way toward their vessel, waiting on the square a few hundred meters ahead of them. “For once you are spot on. If the inhabitants of this planet can’t get their shit together after this warning, they deserve the slow and painful destruction they’re heading towards.”

Magnus knew he should feel sorry for the people he’d be leaving behind as soon as they took off. The few individuals he’d actually interacted with during his short time here had not seemed bad or evil. The thought didn’t linger though, as he lost himself in the sheer relief of having found approval and the hope that it meant he and Corey would be allowed to stay together.

“So,” he asked. “What planet needs rescuing next?”


634 words

Yes, I went somewhat political this week. It’s very hard not too when the news seems to be getting more depressing and scary by the day. Having said that, this idea was inspired by something Alexis Woods said in the Monday Flash Fics Group, as much as it was by this image.

As always more stories based on this image can be found in the aforementioned Facebook group and I hope you’ll take the opportunity to check them out.

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