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All or Nothing - Pre-Order Discount

All or Nothing, the first book in the Blowhole Series will be released on September 26th. Until that date, the book will be available for preorder for $.99.

With the launch date is less than a week away, I thought you might want to know a little more about the story. Below you’ll find the blurb as well as an excerpt introducing Hector Kelly.

On September 26 I’ll share an excerpt introducing Amber, so don’t forget to keep an eye on my blog.



If she’s not good enough for all of him, she’d rather have none.

Forty-one-year-old Hector Kelly has lived the BDSM lifestyle all his adult life, but the recent influx of inexperienced and starry-eyed young women has killed its luster for him. When he reluctantly accompanies his best friend to The Dark Cellar during an open night, he is not surprised when he has to rescue a clueless young woman from a predatory Dom. Against his better judgment, he spends the rest of the night showing the gorgeous Amber around the club.

Until she entered The Dark Cellar, twenty-one-year-old Amber Sommerville was convinced BDSM only existed between the covers of her favorite romance novels. As Hector introduces her to this unknown world, everything she sees awakens desires she’s never experienced before.

The attraction between Hector and Amber is as instant as it is undeniable. But with an almost twenty-year age difference between them and Hector’s conviction that Amber is too young both for him and to know whether or not she wants to submit, their developing relationship remains purely vanilla—for the most part. When Amber witnesses Hector in full Dom mode, she recognizes that he’s been holding back and sets him an ultimatum: either he fully commits all of himself to their relationship or she’ll leave. If Hector wants to hang on to the woman who has captured his heart, he’ll have to reassess his preconceived notions.


“Jaysus, man, you could at least pretend you’re enjoying yourself.”

Hector continued to study the crowd in front of him, reacquainting himself with the club he hadn’t visited in a long time, while contemplating how to answer his friend. The Dark Cellar hadn’t changed much. The large space still mostly resembled a luxurious private club. Nothing in the furniture, covered in red and black faux leather, or the layout indicated the true nature of the establishment or its members. If it hadn’t been for the revealing nature of the attire and the provocative behavior of the majority of people surrounding them, it would be easy to conclude this was nothing more or less than an upmarket nightclub.

Hector reluctantly turned away from the crowd he’d been studying and faced his friend. “You knew I didn’t want to come here tonight, Paul. There’s no point complaining about my lack of enthusiasm now.” He tried to keep his voice pleasant. Paul was a good mate and had been for years. Hector didn’t want to upset him but, fuck, if it hadn’t been for Paul pestering him for over a week about coming out, he’d be at home now with a nice glass of wine and a good book. And alone. Hector swallowed the sigh wanting to escape and forced the frown off his face.

“I still don’t get what your problem is.” The bewildered look on Paul’s face emphasized the confusion in his voice. “This is our world, has been for years. Why are you all of a sudden reluctant to immerse yourself?”

Hector lifted his glass to his lips and drank deeply from his whiskey. His second glass. He almost smiled. Two drinks ensured he wouldn’t be allowed to indulge himself, even if he were to change his mind. It wasn’t likely, but it didn’t hurt to make sure he wouldn’t stray beyond being a spectator.

He felt Paul’s scrutiny despite trying to ignore his friend. They’d known each other too long for the man not to be able to read him like a book. Even the ten years Hector had spent in London hadn’t been able to break the bond between them. Paul had visited Hector at least once a year. They’d been to clubs together there. And Hector knew he’d never displayed any reluctance until now, so Paul’s confusion was both reasonable and understandable. Hector just wasn’t sure how to explain to his friend that his enthusiasm for the scene had taken a serious nosedive ever since popular fiction had pulled all sorts of wannabees with unrealistic expectations to the scene. It wasn’t that he had a problem with the nature of the club he found himself in; far from it. This was in his blood, and he’d doubted that could ever change. It was just

He allowed his gaze to roam the large room they were in and frowned when he saw the group of young women enter. A bleeding hen party. That was exactly what he didn’t like. Those girls were here not because they had an interest in BDSM but because they were drunk and wanted to do something outside their comfort zone. They were here to ogle things they didn’t understand, and they’d spend the next few weeks or months giggling about collars, floggers, and people kneeling for others; making fun of what for him and numerous others was a way of life.

He turned to Paul. His friend deserved an explanation, of course. It wasn’t just that he’d accepted Paul’s invitation to come out tonight and should, therefore, have the decency to at least try and be good company. Since Paul now worked here part-time, both as a supervisor and as part of the security team, it actually made sense to explain his reasoning to him. He just didn’t want to do it here and now. “Can we leave it be, Paul? I really do not want to get into it, especially not while I have to shout to make myself heard.” Hector didn’t even try to relax his facial muscles, unconcerned that his irritation was plain to read for anybody paying attention. If they’d come here on any other night, he would more than likely have been able to lose himself in the habits of a lifetime. He hated these open nights. Why did clubs feel the need to invite the uninitiated? It was a recipe for disaster, and he’d seen it go wrong often enough not to want to be part of it anymore.

“Will you relax? That scowl on your face is enough to scare me off, never mind anybody else.” Impatience had crept into Paul’s voice.

“I’m sorry.” Hector turned and gave Paul his full attention—his friend deserved better from him, no matter how reluctant he might be. “This setup gets on my nerves. I’ve seen it go horrifically wrong in London; I don’t want to see it again.”

“What do you mean? What did you see?”

“A few weeks before I left London, I was in what used to be my favorite club during one of these open nights. A group of girls like those”—Hector nodded toward the girls grouped around the young woman wearing a veil to indicate her upcoming wedding—“walked in, and one of them caught the attention of a visiting Dom. He expected certain things. She’d no idea what she was dealing with. Nobody interfered because nobody realized she was in trouble until it was too late.”

Hector stared at the hen party again as most of the women walked across the club to the bar while one of them, a gorgeous redhead, stood rooted to the spot.

“They asked her afterwards why she hadn’t used her safeword. Only then did it become clear she’d no idea what a safeword was or that she could have used it to end what that man was doing to her.” Hector stopped talking and looked at Paul. Did his friend understand? After he’d witnessed that debacle, Hector had vowed he’d steer clear of the uninitiated. Not visiting clubs on the nights they allowed the vanillas inside was part of that promise to himself. A promise he’d broken tonight.

“Listen, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to spoil your evening. I’ll go home now. Invite me along again when they have a members-only night. I’m not going to be able to relax tonight.”

Hector saw the disappointment on his friend’s face. He’d no doubt Paul had been looking forward to their first night out since Hector had come back from London. He wished he could fake it, but all his instincts screamed at him to leave. His nerves were on edge, waiting for something to go wrong. The state he was in, he wasn’t good company. Relief flooded him when Paul nodded.

“Fair enough. I’ll call you tomorrow to tell you how misplaced your worries were.”

Hector smiled his first real smile of the evening. He was a lucky man to have a friend like Paul. It was rare to find someone who trusted you completely and allowed you to be yourself. Ten years of living in different countries hadn’t changed that dynamic, and it was a minor miracle.

As Hector walked to the exit, his attention shifted to the beautiful young woman he’d seen earlier. She’d barely moved from the spot where her friends had left her. She looked around and seemed to be drinking in the sights surrounding her. He glanced at her arm and saw the white band circling the slim wrist. At least, this club, unlike the one in London, had the foresight to make the guests distinguishable from the lifestylers.

He was barely aware of slowing down as he allowed his gaze to drink in her beauty. Whoever she was, she looked stunning. Her red hair curled freely around her face and tumbled down her back. The short black dress she wore was tight and emphasized her well-formed breasts and long, slim legs. He was amazed she’d been able to stand there for as long as she had without attracting attention. He tried to figure out what she might be looking at with such a fascinated expression on her face and wasn’t surprised when his gaze came to rest on an almost naked woman kneeling next to a black-clad Dom who caressed his sub’s hair while conducting a conversation with two other men.

He stopped walking while he considered her reaction to the scene. She might be what he considered an innocent, but, unlike most he’d met in the past, she didn’t look shocked or disgusted. He had to give her that. Just for a moment, he played with the thought of approaching her before mentally kicking himself and resuming his journey to the door. He’d already broken one promise to himself by coming here on an open night; he wasn’t about to break another.

A few meters away from the exit, Hector turned to look at the beautiful redhead one more time. It was ridiculous; she was barely more than a child. She had to be at least twenty-one to have been allowed to enter, but she couldn’t possibly be much older. Much too young for him, even if he hadn’t sworn to stay away from curious vanillas like her.

Hector suppressed a self-deprecating smile and was about to continue his journey to the exit when a masked man in a dark, expensive-looking suit approaching the girl pulled him up short. Without thinking about it, Hector walked toward the pair. Of all the Doms to approach her, it had to be Carlos. He remembered the man, and the memories weren’t good. Carlos had always taken arrogance to a new and previously unseen level. If the mask he was wearing now was any indication, that attitude hadn’t improved over the years. Hector had no doubt, and his blood ran cold; he was about to see his worst fears come true. The girl didn’t stand a chance against this particular Dom. His suspicions were confirmed when he caught most of Carlos’ sentence.

“... told you to kneel. Don’t you know how to behave, girl?”

 Book Details

Release Date: September 26, 2018
Pairing: MF
Length 61k words approx.
Universal pre-order/buy link:
All or Nothing will be available in KU and as a paperback.

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