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Linguistically Challenged Part Eight: Susan Laine


Taken from the author's website:

I’m a Finnish native but I prefer to write in English. I have a fascination with romantic and erotic literature – not to mention sexy gorgeous men getting it on with other sexy, gorgeous men. That’s the reason behind my choice of writing pursuits. Still, I also love mystery novels and historical stories – and hope one day to write one of each, with a man-on-man romance twist, of course.

Susan can be found here:

The questions

·         What language do you speak most of the time?

A bizarre mix of Finnish and English only my family and friends understand.

·         What language do you think in?

English mostly. Depends on the situation. When writing, definitely English.

·         What language do you dream in?

Both English and Finnish.

·         What language do you swear in after you’ve really hurt yourself?

Both. Fuck works well in English, an all-purpose swear word. In Finnish, that same word is vittu, with as much emphasis placed on the consonants as possible.

·         What language are you most comfortable in?

English, which is weird because I’m an academic, and should feel comfortable speaking in formal Finnish. Yet, I’m not.

·         How easy or difficult is it for you to switch from one language to the other?

Totally easy and effortless! I do it without realizing it sometimes, much to the amusement of those around me.

·         Does it affect you when you’re in a group where both languages are being spoken?

No. It’s exactly how I speak too. I try to accommodate the person I’m speaking with, though, and choose a language they prefer.

·         Do you ever speak the ’wrong’ language to someone?

Constantly! With odd and hilarious results :D At least my folks are used to it. With strangers it does throw them off a bit, I’ve noticed.

·         Would you translate yourself from one language into the other or ask someone else (professional) to do it?

I’d do it myself. I’m fluent in both. Besides, as a writer I may come up with a perfect word in Finnish, and then struggle to find the right word to match in English. And vice versa. That part of not being a native English speaker and writing in English is the worst!

·         If size of (potential) market wasn’t an issue what language would you be writing in?

Oh, that’s a tough one. Hmm, Finnish I suppose, since sometimes the right phrasing comes to mind only in Finnish, which is rich in adjectives and verbs, while English is not. But at the end of the day, I guess either language would work for me.

Susan’s latest release:

"Sequel to Lofty Dreams of Earthbound Men
Isleshire Chronicles: Book Two 

Two weeks after their encounter with a ripper, engineering sage Jules Sterling and Earth mage Obadai Bashim are surprised to learn Aelfric Fairburn, a bureaucrat from the Divine Theocracy, has arrived in County Isleshire to reward Jules for his courageous defeat of the ripper. 

Fairburn’s visit couldn’t come at a worse time, as Jules is in the field-testing phase of his dream project—flying. But the Virtuist Church of the Spirit Gods views man’s pursuit of flight as heresy and a contemptuous abomination of the ultimate ambition of the faithful—ascension. 

But Fairburn’s judgment is the least of Jules’s problems. While he struggles to work out the kinks of his flying apparatus, a mysterious figure operates behind the scenes toward an unknown end. Once again, Jules and Obadai face a lethal foe."

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